Contactless Signatures Launch On Appenate's Industry Leading No-Code Platform

With the COVID pandemic as a motivator, Appenate has changed the way you capture signatures for the better. With their new “Contactless Signature” feature, you can keep getting the necessary sign-offs without exchanging pen, paper or devices.

This innovative feature in the mobile forms space comes paired with Appenate’s robust no-code app platform, which enables you to deploy mobile forms and tasks to your off-site employees, all securely stored in the cloud.

Appenate’s contactless signature capture comes at a time when the world finds itself in a “new normal” where contact is best avoided. It works by using QR code technology already present in the vast majority of smart-devices, paired with Appenate’s secure platform. This takes us one step closer to a truly contactless workplace.

Industries and individuals who will find this feature useful include, but are not limited to:

  • Courier companies
  • Field sales representatives
  • Off-site field technicians
  • Safety monitors
  • Healthcare workers

Essentially anyone who needs to capture signatures as part of their daily responsibilities can continue to do so with greatly reduced risk. Courier and health-orientated companies have already adopted Appenate for their digital, offline-capable forms. The contactless signature adds to the arsenal of these and other companies when partnering with Appenate.

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